iRobot care

For Roomba effective cleaning you should follow the instructions listed below:

  • 1. Clean the Bin
    image description

    Press the dumpster lock button and remove it.

  • 2. Clean the Filter
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    Clean the dustbin.

    image description

    Clean the filter compartment and the filter.

    The filter must be changed every 2 months for daily use.

    Warning: Clean the dustbin and the brushes after each cleaning. Regularly check that the hair and other debris are not wrapped around the front wheel. Heavily soiled brushes or wheels can significantly reduce Roomba's performance.

    Helpful information: If the cleaning efficiency of Roomba has decreased, check and, if necessary, clean the dustbin and the brushes.

  • 3. Clean the main cleaning module brushes
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    Press the two yellow tabs and remove the brush.

    image description

    Remove the caps and use scissors to cut off the hair and other entangled garbage.

    Helpful information: taking care of the robot Roomba, pay attention to the parts of the yellow color. They need to be removed and cleaned after each cleaning.

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    Remove hair and dirt from the yellow robot bearings.

    image description

    Using a special cleaning device, remove the hair, threads and other debris from the brushes.

    Helpful information: If there are a lot of debris accumulated around the brush and the robot bearings, Roomba can be damaged. Regularly check the condition of the bearings!

    Important: In no case do not include Roomba without bearings!

  • 4. Clean the front wheel
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    Strongly pulling yourself, remove the front wheel module from the robot body. Remove dirt from the wheel cavities.

    image description

    Remove the wheel from the holder and remove any debris that has wound around the axis. Strongly pressing the axle, remove it from the wheel. Clean the wheel and insert the shaft. Place the wheel in the holder, and the entire wheel assembly into the robot.

    If the wheel is heavily soiled, the movement of the robot is hampered, the efficiency of the robot is reduced, or the trajectory of its movement may change, so do not forget to inspect and clean the wheel and its module.

  • 5. Clean cliff sensors
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    With a dry cloth or brush, wipe the sensors.

    If you use the robot every day, you need to perform a full inspection and maintenance of iRobot once a week, and once a month - to remove dirt and dust from the wheels with tweezers and a conventional vacuum cleaner.